nine months with miles

I cannot believe we've already reached the nine month mark! This boy is so quickly sneaking up on the end of his first year here, and as cliche as it is to say, it has flown by so fast. My little man is rapidly changing and growing these days. He's becoming more and more independent... he often wants to do things himself - such as holding his cup or trying to get his clothes on - and will protest loudly if you try to help him. (I have NO clue where he gets that from... ha!) He loves to dance and drum on the table and has better rhythm than either me or Josh. He babbles "dada" all. the. time. but still no "mama" yet. Thankfully, the little guy loves food just as much as his parents and is quite the adventurous eater - some recent favorites have included Moroccan-style carrots and sweet potatoes, Greek roasted chicken, gnocchi, and roasted bell peppers. And he's started showing interest in actually wanting to spend time with me or Josh because he likes us and not just wanting us when he's hurt, tired, or otherwise cranky. The other morning, he crawled over to me with a toy and just sat in my lap to play... way to melt my heart, dude.

Here are some more favorites from our most recent photoshoot: