seven years and still no itch

Our wedding day. Photo by Sarah Beaty of  Eyeris Photography .

Our wedding day. Photo by Sarah Beaty of Eyeris Photography.

If you had told these two kids what life would look like today, I likely would have laughed maniacally in your face, then promptly proceeded to have a panic attack and contemplated putting on my running shoes. Thank goodness there's no magic crystal ball in life.

Today, Josh and I celebrate seven years of married life. Seven years of big moves and crazy adventures and lazy nights spent on the couch watching TV and career changes and puppies and babies and arguments and so much joy and laughter. Perhaps no year has been more adventurous than the past twelve months - we've packed those months with our fair share of challenges and triumphs - moving to Germany, spending two months separated by an entire ocean, welcoming our son into the world, learning to navigate parenthood (and still be loving spouses despite sleep deprivation), becoming debt-free, exploring new places. To say it's been a whirlwind would be quite the understatement. It's been stressful and exciting and exhausting and just plain crazy.

Despite the craziness, or perhaps because of it, there's no one I'd rather do all of it with than my best friend. He's the one constant in this circus. He makes me laugh until my face hurts and doesn't care how silly he looks or sounds doing so. He throws sour gummies in the basket for me when we're in the line at the grocery store. He's such a good daddy and makes Miles smile like no one else can. He works hard to provide for our family and ensure that I can stay home to care for our child. He tells me I'm pretty even when I'm sporting messy hair, yoga pants, and a t-shirt smelling vaguely of spit-up. He makes me coffee in the afternoon when he gets home and I can barely hold my eyes open. Even when I don't like him, I still love him to pieces. I guess what I'm trying to say is, even though I may have married him for his good looks and witty charm, I got so much more, and I couldn't have chosen a better partner for this life.

Less than two weeks after we welcomed our baby boy. Photo by  Marissa Joy Photography .

Less than two weeks after we welcomed our baby boy. Photo by Marissa Joy Photography.

Boo - I love you more now than I could have even imagined possible on this day seven years ago, and I hope to spend a hundred more years with you in this crazy life. xoxoxo times a million.

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