a big announcement: our transatlantic adventure

Hello friends! It is with excitement and anticipation that I announce that ... *drumroll please* ... 

the Glessners are moving to Europe!

I've had so many questions from the folks we've told, so here are a few answers:

Where will you be moving?

We'll be living in the town of Aachen, near where Germany meets Belgium and the Netherlands.

Why the heck are you moving to Germany?

Long story short, a few months ago, a position became available within Josh's company. We talked about it and decided that at least expressing interest in the job couldn't hurt, and living in Europe would be an awesome experience and a great career move for Josh. After lots of deliberating and negotiating and ultimately deciding this was the right thing for us right now, we got final word at the end of February that the move was approved.

... and hello, it's the adventure of a lifetime!

When are you going and for how long?

We'll be leaving sometime this summer, likely around the end of June. Josh's contract is for a two year term, at which point we'll have the opportunity to move back to North Carolina.

What about your business?

For now, my plan is to maintain Glessner Photography on a limited, part-time basis beginning in 2016, accepting only a few select clients each year. I'll be returning to the U.S. this September and staying through November to finish out my fall wedding schedule with some awesome couples. For that two month period, I'll split my time between North Carolina and Nashville.

What will you do while you're over there?

Hang out in cafes, take long strolls, and eat lots of delicious breads and cheeses :) But really, I don't actually know, and I'm kinda okay with that. I'm looking forward to exploring new opportunities and passions and maybe even trying something different for awhile. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em!

Is Monty going with you?

Sweet Monty is a beloved member of our family, so where we go, he goes. Realistically, he probably won't be joining us until I return in November.

Can I visit you in Europe?

Absolutely! We look forward to having lots of familiar faces come see us in Germany. You get the plane ticket, and we'll provide a couch for you to crash on :)