life lately and maastricht photos

Whew. It's been a crazy past three months, and unfortunately, this little blog fell to the bottom of the to-do list. Between returning to the U.S., spending time with family in Nashville, photographing and editing fall weddings and events, weekend trips to Nashville and the Carolina coast, finishing up the bambino's nursery, and Josh returning to North Carolina at the end of October, there hasn't been much free time. More on all of that later (as long as this little babe keeps on cookin')!

Before I left Europe, Josh and I had some photos taken by a fellow photographer and American expat in the Netherlands. Many thanks to Dario Endara for capturing these wonderful memories of such a crazy/exciting/chaotic time before our family of two expands! It's funny how at 28 weeks, when these photos were taken, the whole prospect of having a baby still seemed so surreal and now, he or she could be here literally any day! Even though they're also on my Facebook page, I thought I'd share just a few favorites here:

It's crazy to see how small that bump was only 10 weeks ago! With only 8 days 'til our due date, it definitely resembles more of a basketball now :) 

Maybe I'm just a little sentimental, but looking through these photos makes my heart swell with love for this guy. When we started dating 10 years ago, I could never have imagined that this would be our life today, and I'm forever grateful that it is. He's been such a good and understanding partner throughout this whole pregnancy, and I know that he'll be the best daddy to our little guy or gal. 

More updates coming soon!