18 months with Miles

Whew! You guys. I don't know how two months got away from me, but here we are at the end of May. Between three weeks worth of visitors, having to get my computer repaired after it took a nasty fall, preparing to move home to North Carolina, and keeping up with a rambunctious toddler, the time for writing has been limited. I've got a ton of stuff to catch you up on, including our trips to Spain and Austria and some great books I've read, but I thought I'd jump back in with an update on our baby boy who just turned a whole year and a half old!

Miles 18 Months | ©2017 Elizabeth Glessner-2.jpg

Here are a few things he's been up to lately...

Making teeth! His total count is up to 12 now that he's cut four mean molars.

Wants to do everything himself. Climbs in his stroller on his own and can almost get it buckled. Assembles his straw cups. Pretends to put his lotion on himself after baths. Tries to dress himself and will sit on the bottom stair in our apartment to try to put on his socks and shoes. 

Always requests to go outside. Loves spending afternoons at the park playing in the sand, going down the slide, and picking flowers in the grass.

Has gotten the hang of "riding" his little balance bike his Grammy bought him on her visit and cruises all over the house on it. Unless he's asleep or eating, this kid NEVER STOPS MOVING.

Is still a great eater and can now eat bigger versions of things - for example, he can take bites out of a whole sandwich instead of me tearing it up into bite-sized pieces for him. Has discovered the joys of "dipping" foods. Is a pro with a spoon. Prefers using a real fork to the toddler version.

Has a huge vocabulary - some favorites are "owside" (outside) "i keem" (ice cream - which he requests almost daily), "Monty" (who he asks to see anytime we FaceTime one of my parents), "airpane" (airplane - he's become slightly obsessed since our last flight), "pees" (please - usually more like a demand than a request), "Josh" (which he thinks is hilarious to call his daddy since he hears me saying it), and so many more. Recently added his elbows and knees to the list of body parts he can identify. Is slowly learning his colors and numbers, too!

Sings the "bom, bom, bom" line of Sweet Caroline and the "woohoo" part of the Duck Tales theme. These have been my proudest achievements in parenting thus far.

Also, can someone tell me how my baby has become such a big boy?! How do I slow it down? While I love this new stage of learning and getting to experience so much through his eyes, it all seems to be happening too quickly!

It's hard to believe that the next time I update on this dude, we'll be back in home sweet Carolina! Our house, our wonderful bed, our friends and families.... oh Germany, you've been so good, but I. AM. READY. 

Watch out for lots more posts coming soon (hopefully!), and enjoy this last expression I'll leave you with...