15 months with Miles

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I can't believe we're already a quarter of the way through Miles's second year ... is it even possible that this one goes faster than the first??? I truly love this little man more and more every day. He has such a vibrant personality, is sweet as pure honey, and is just a really, really good child. We seriously hit the kiddie lottery with this one.

Here's a little update on what he's been up to for the last three months:

Knows lots of animal sounds: cow, horse, fish, chicken, bee, sheep, dog, cat, duck, mouse

Went through a brief picky phase, but is now into all kinds of foods - I credit this at least partially to implementing the meals-in-courses method in Bringing Up Bebé. Officially never wants our help at mealtimes and insists on using spoons and pouches himself. New things that he loves include artichokes, soba noodles, and pasta with truffle oil. Also, eats as much as a teenage boy.

Keeps us laughing all the time. For example, Josh was reading him a book with a chicken in it, and Miles said "mmmm" like he does when he's eating something yummy, but when I say he's having chicken for lunch, he makes a clucking sound. He's the best, y'all.

Walks, or more often, runs everywhere! This has unfortunately resulted in several falls, bumps on the head, and scratches to the face. I guess that's life with a boy.

Loves playing with his soccer ball, hugging Elmo, and swinging and sliding at the park.

Still obsessed with books - favorites right now are The Pout Pout Fish, all of his Sandra Boynton books, and a couple of random books (specifically Night Night Forest Friends and Bubbles, Bubbles) he's received through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Randomly bows (which he learned from the book Barnyard Dance) and loves doing Patty-Cake, especially the "mark it with a B." Will spin in circles to make himself dizzy and say "weeeeeee." Loves throwing and kicking his soccer ball around the house. Holds my phone up to his ear and say "hello?" and then proceed to have a "conversation." Basically will imitate anything we do.

Lets you know when he wants to go outside by trying to put his jacket on and get in his stroller. Enjoys being outdoors and especially loves going to the park to swing and slide.

Knows 15+ words (other than animal sounds): Dada, bye-bye, night-night, Bubba, cheese, banana, Mama, please, pout-pout, bubbles, eye, shoes, hat, bath, keys, Gigi, and more literally every day.

Has recently become obsessed with daddy after being a real mama's boy for the first year. Loves sitting in the rocker with him to read and seeing him off to work every morning. 

Is fascinated by the way things work - locks and latches (which he's learned to use from this toy), screw-on caps, door hinges, and anythings with working parts.

In the past three months, has traveled to Paris and Florence bringing his count up to a total of five countries.

Aside from some mean molars and a cold, is overall sleeping much better. Usually 9-11 hours completely through the night. Still takes two naps, but has started having a random one nap day from time to time.

And last but not least, we are officially completely weaned from nursing. Hallelujah!

We have so many fun adventures planned for the next few months, including a trip to North Carolina, Spain with friends, and visitors from the U.S., so I'm hoping this big boy who's always on the move handles the upcoming plane rides and roadtrips like a champ. If you have any tips for keeping a very active toddler entertained on a transatlantic flight, leave them in the comments below. I'm desperate for a meltdown free flight :)

Next update coming at you in another three months... I can only imagine what crazy things our Miles man will be up to by then!