ten months with miles

With all of our visitors and just the general busyness of life, the past month just seemed to disappear, and today, our little guy is TEN months old! Double digits!! It's becoming increasingly difficult each month to wrangle the dude for photos - he's always on the move!

He's still continuing to change and learn new things daily, and here are a few of the milestones and happenings from the past month:

  • still loves food... new favorites have included meatballs, anything dipped in marinara sauce, cheerios, and cottage cheese with fruit
  • will try to feed mommy and daddy his food or teething toys
  • knows how to help put his arms in shirts and will try to dress himself if you give him a piece of clothing
  • FINALLY said "mama" - usually only says it when he wants to be gotten out of his crib
  • babbles constantly and will "sing" along with music - so stinkin' cute!
  • has started identifying things when we ask him where something is, such as one of his toys
  • sprouted three (!!) new teeth, bringing his grand total to five
  • loves to "read" his books by himself and will entertain himself forever just flipping through them
  • has developed an interesting hybrid crawl/scoot with one foot on the floor to propel himself and is getting braver by the day in terms of cruising/walking and standing up without holding onto something... likes to practice trying to take steps between the furniture. I have a feeling our days before this one masters walking are numbered!
  • loves to flirt with the ladies - he'll find the nearest girl next to us at a restaurant, coffee shop, or in line at the grocery store and start smiling, "talking," and doing this goofy little head tilt he's developed. TROUBLE!
What is this face?!? 

What is this face?!?