seven months with miles

7 Months (11 of 12).jpg

Oh sweet boy, how have so many months already passed us by? These past few weeks, our sweet Miles has grown and changed so, so much. 

He started crawling on Father's Day! It's still a bit of an army crawl, but he's getting quicker at it every day. The biggest motivators to get him to start moving are things he shouldn't have (like phones and cords and computers) and books.

Speaking of books - he LOVES them. Both for being read to and for chewing. When we pick one up and start reading, Miles gets so excited and start bouncing and squealing and trying to grab the pictures on the pages. Right now, favorites seem to be Little Blue Truck and Angus and the Ducks.

He can now sit unassisted for several minutes at a time, though he hasn't quite figured out how to get into a sitting position on his own. 

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His food repertoire grows daily, and he's caught on to drinking water from an open cup (when it's being held by mom or dad).

We've officially outgrown 3-6 month clothes and are fattening up daily, as proven by those leg rolls :)

He's really taken an interest in rattles and anything with a tag on it. He studies these things intently. I only wish we knew what he was thinking!

Our love for this little man grows daily... he is such a joy to be around and is filled to the brim with personality. I can't wait to see the new adventures month seven holds!