five months with miles

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Today, Miles is five months old. Where has the time gone?! This boy grows and changes daily and has brought such joy to our lives. I feel like I've felt this way about every stage, but this is definitely my favorite thus far. He's developed such a little personality and makes us laugh constantly. Here's the latest on the little man:

  • has almost outgrown his 3-6 month clothes in length
  • celebrated his first Easter
  • still loves screeching and talks often in coos and babbles
  • has returned to sleeping through the night (for now)
  • all signs point to teething, but no signs of a pearly white just yet
  • enjoys being read to and looking at the pictures in his books
  • has more expressions than any baby I've ever seen
  • loves being surprised or talked to excitedly and will start cackling
  • likes sitting in his new high chair at the table while Mommy and Daddy eat dinner
  • gets SO excited when Daddy gets home from work
  • finally rolled over from back to belly just this morning in his crib (and then proceeded to get mad that he was stuck)
  • loves to play with and chew on his feet
  • has become great at reaching for and getting his toys during tummy time
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