my favorite (easy + effortless) photo tool for parents

As most everyone reading this probably knows, my career before this hiatus for raising a baby and an international move was that of a wedding photographer. So to say photos are important to me would probably be the understatement of the century, but, like everyone else, the majority of my photos are not taken with a professional camera. They're taken with my phone and posted to Facebook or Instagram.

Despite so many of my photos being online, I still prefer to have hard copies. Assuming that one day, the social media of our time is replaced by things that are newer and shinier, I'd like to still have those memories. Enter Chatbooks. This awesome album service allows you to enter a hashtag (for instance, all Miles's photos are tagged on Insta as #milesalexanderglessner) or simply select favorite photos in your phone's camera roll, connect those accounts to their website, and subscribe to have albums printed once you reach 60 pages. It literally only requires the effort it takes to download the app and set up your account, and then, you have volumes of your own photo books delivered to your door. It seriously doesn't get any easier!

Even better, when you use my referral link, you get your first book free:

I love the idea of Miles eventually having his own little collection of photo books that basically tell the story of his childhood :) Don't have kids? You can literally use these books for anything... vacations, a pet, or just everyday life!

Do you use Chatbooks? If not, what are your favorite services for printing and preserving those non-pro photos on your phone? I'd love to hear!